Dry Eyes Clinic Patient Reviews

Review By E. S. from Devon

“The treatment has definitely made a difference. It took around 5 weeks before I noticed that my eyes were less dry. I realised that I was only using my drops about twice a day and once at night instead of numerous times. I hope this feedback is useful to you and other patients in managing this difficult condition. I will definitely use the Lipiflow treatment again in the future.”

Review By Judith

“My life was taken over by Dry Eyes syndrome… the most painful experience I have ever had!
Now my eyes have improved weekly, the feeling of moisture again is wonderful. The treatment & support I received was fantastic. I have got my life back.”

Review By Connie

“I had to wear sunglasses all of the time because my eyes were very sensitive to light.
When I walked out of the doctor’s office from my first Lipiflow treatment, I didn’t need sunglasses.”

Review By Patricia

“I’ve had Dry Eyes for several years and it evolved to a point where I could hardly tolerate it.
The treatment felt very comfortable. Now I have no pain in my eyes, light doesn’t bother me as much, my life is different. I am grateful.”