Is It Dangerous and Do I need to treat it ?

Dry eye disease is very common, it occurs when you don’t produce sufficient tears, or when your
tears evaporate too quickly. Your eyes may feel irritated, uncomfortable and red. They may even
feel very watery as it is not uncommon to experience excessive tearing, however because the
quality of your tears isn’t good enough, they don’t alleviate your symptoms.
If your symptoms are only mild you may just notice a problem at the end of the day, but if left
untreated more severe symptoms can develop which can significantly affect your quality of life.
While Dry Eye Disease isn’t serious or life threatening, it is however chronic and can be a very big
annoyance. It can also in severe cases lead to scarring of the surface of the eyes as well as visual

While rare, the following complications can result if dry eyes disease is left untreated:

  • Conjunctivitis. The conjunctiva is the layer that covers the white part of your eye. Untreated dry
    eyes can lead to inflammation of this membrane. Usually it is a mild condition but sometimes
    treatment with antibiotics or antivirals are required
  • Corneal ulcers and scarring. In severe cases of dry eyes, permanent corneal scarring can
    develop. Corneal ulcers can cause extreme pain, tearing, blurred vision and swelling.
  • Increased susceptibility to infection. Apart from keeping your eyes hydrated, the tear film works to
    fight infection. Reduced tear production increases the risk of inflammation and infection.
  • Vision loss. Though, thankfully, very uncommon. untreated severe dry eyes can, in rare cases,
    result in temporary vision loss.

If you think you are suffering from dry eyes then seek professional help. While dry eyes cannot
always be cured, the symptoms can be managed through the Dry Eyes  Clinic Treatment thus preventing getting to the
stage where the aforementioned conditions may occur. As you can see dry eyes, while usually
mild, can become more than a temporary annoyance if left untreated.

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